Devi, aka Devica Trevathan

‘Young’ horticulturist who owns a culinary herb nursery in Virginia, about 50 miles from Washington, D.C.

Vitaortus, aka Vitaortus magussperma, The Vine

Extinct Sanquinaheterotrophic dicotyledon climber with determinate growth to 25 feet. Very long-lived – under the right conditions

Alec, aka Lord Alexander Gregory

British (Scottish) business owner. Has manor-house in the country outside of Middleburg, Virginia

Georges, aka Georges Picault

French restaurateur. Lives in Dupont Circle. Client of Devi’s, associate and close friend of Alec’s

Jack, aka Jack Garrity

American Security expert. Associate and close friend of Alec’s.

Piero, aka Piero Medici—Cardinale in Pectore

Italian, very secret cardinal who ministers to a special society. Associate and close friend of Alec’s

Axel, aka Axel von Reiche

German acquisitions agent/researcher/executive secretary. Lives in Paris, associate and close friend of Alec’s

Maria and Serena Rivera

Belizean colleagues and partners of Devi


Maya Shaman/priestess; lives near Tulum, Mexico; Agent for, associate and close friend of Alec’s

Gordon, aka Gordon Weber

English Employee/associate/assistant of Alec’s

Hervé, aka Hervé Mendoza

Spanish driver/pilot/assistant to Alec