Vitaortus Vocab

Bond n. Deep, life-long familial Connection created in-utero between a vampire and human when the creature’s blood is given to the mother. Middle English.

Bonded n. Human and/or vampire involved in a ‘Bond’; adv. Descriptive action of relationship of a human and vampire belonging to a bond.

Boule  n. (Boo’ lay) Council of 13 Vampire representatives of  10 regions, plus 3 of oldest, making up loose governing body. Greek.

Brumalia  n. Festival held at winter solstice; Winter solstice. Latin.

Camazotz  n. Species of natal, bat-like vampire; twelve-foot wingspan; supernatural in nature due to longevity. Mayan.

Champion n. Vampire who takes it upon him/herself to protect, facilitate or fight for something. Latin.

Channel n. A being possessing a more concentrated flow of universal energy (Chi, Prana); some are able to consciously use and manipulate this flow.V. The act of manipulating flow of energy through the body/consciousness. Latin, Old French, Middle English.

Genitor n. Vampire who creates another vampire. Latin, Old French, Middle English.

Lamia n.  pl. (archaic usage). Lamiae  Ancient natal vampire; Longest lived of all species; very rare. Greek.

Le Grande Bissitere n. Singleton vampire; species is otherwise extinct. French.

Lwa n. (lwah) Also  ‘Loa’. Spirit of Vodou religious tradition. Practitioners serve and are helped by the Lwa. Haitian Creole.

Mesmer  v. Taken from the name of Franz Anton Mesmer. Initially used as vampire slang but eventually becoming accepted in lieu of the more ancient Latin term ‘Induco’, describing the hypnotizing skills of the immortals as differentiated from the term ‘mesmerize’.

Natal Species n. Any being born as a particular species rather than supernaturally ‘turned’ or changed into a vampire by another. Latin.

Prime Channel n. Similar to a channel but much stronger and with progressing powers; generally thought to be unique as long as they live. Believed to always be female and potentially as immortal as longest lived human Vampires. All have perished due to abuse by vampires or not living within necessary boundaries.

Progeny n. ‘Offspring’ of a vampire. Latin.

Upior  n. (Oo-pee’-or)pl. Upiory  Extremely bloodthirsty species of vampire. Polish.

Upyr  n. (Oo-peer’)Eastern European species of Vampire. Czech.

Vitaortus magusperma n. (Vee-tah-or’-tus mag-u-sper’-mah) Determinate, long-lived sanquinaheterotrophic vine with supernatural properties; prefers shade and is impossible to propagate except by a Prime Channel, whose blood it must have to thrive and survive; origin believed to be Fertile Crescent region. Latin.

Something similar to the Vitaortus/Prime Channel Manuscript--the Codex Gigas

Something similar to the Vitaortus/Prime Channel Manuscript–the Codex Gigas











Xenetech Maybach Coupe

Xenetech Maybach Coupe






Portrait of the Misunderstood: Desmodus rotundus

I have a strong musical bent. Tending to hear a soundtrack to life, I thought I’d add some faves here and will comment on which scene or chapter in which book these songs belong. I’ll try to stay in order of the timeline. I hope you own these–if not, PLEASE BUY THEM! Sorry about the unavoidable adverts. All music rights belong to whoever they belong to, just not me.

This first one should be imagined as the beginning of Book One as Devi drives I-66 into and out of DC. A brilliant young Elvis Costello and The Attractions sing the Nick Lowe classic.


Book One, Chapter Three. ‘That’ ride to meet ‘Those’ men. Gustave Holst’s The Planet’s Suite is playing.