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Dea caught sneaking a read

Already flouting rules and sneaking a read.

As an embracer of the unconventional, and a wanderer with no home-town, I often ask, “why am I here” — in the D.C. Metro area? Why am I living in this convention-loving town? The answer is simple: I’ve been too broke to live anywhere else lately (because I’m pretty sure I’m not a masochist). But that said, it has got its unique aspects. From forever-dropping cell-service because I’m passing by the Pentagon or CIA at Langley, or that time I was stopped at a stop light by the Old Executive building and Georges Stephanopoulos walked in front of my car on his way to lunch, my current home-base can be quite … unconventional; which pretty much fits my story.

I have lived in Southern California, Germany, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, France, England and Australia. Most of that was in the first half of my life. And I have travelled to far more places.

Perhaps there’s some hint in that unconventional history that compels me to lament the place of my birth — Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The good news is that my WAC (Women’s Army Corps, for those too young to know) mother and ‘Airborne’ father both left the Army and moved to sunny, Southern California, where mom worked to keep us fed, and dad became a stage actor. After that, and a move to Germany, my brother and I spent our formative years growing up around The Theatre, because dad became a director. The rest of the story is a series of twists and turns that could be any Citizen of the World’s tale. Or at least the tale of those who spend a lot of years ‘trying to figure it out’!

deasfave_sepiaBut there HAVE been constants. Those are: A love of writing and reading, a love of animals and nature, a lust for life (which has at times been a bit unhealthy), a taste for rich experience, a desire to know many things, an interest in the esoteric, an appreciation of fine workmanship, food, clothing . . .  I could go on, but you get the point. There’s just way to much to see, do, experience and learn and not quite enough time to do it in.

I seem to think all of this makes me a good candidate to be a writer. Lots and lots of fodder! But I’m never sure if my amazing daughter, Roxy, is embarrassed, proud, or just tolerant! My younger, half-sisters, Katja and Gabi are a true blessing. !Update!: I have a wonderful son-in-law, Ben and a little treasure of a grandson, Graham.

Enough about me … this site is about the book!